The Unexpected Clarity Of 2020

Woman looking forward to the future

When we decided 2020 was going to be the Year of Perfect Vision, there was, ironically, no way we could have foreseen all the crazy things that happened.  The Covid-19 pandemic changed how we work, how our kids learn, how we do business, what we consume, and how we interact with others. Over the summer, Black Lives Matter became the biggest movement in US history, asking individuals and businesses large or small to finally take a stand against systemic racism.  It was a year so full of uncertainty that it felt like we were constantly holding our breaths bracing for impact.  Still, it was also exactly what it promised to be, a year of perfect vision and clarity.  

We gained so much clarity because this year forced us to take a hard look at our lives and ask ourselves, is this what we wanted? 

We wanted financial security but noticed we’d forgotten to save for emergencies like this.  Wanted more time with our family but realized we were constantly trading more and more of our time, working long hours in exchange for money.  Dreamed of having a career we loved and were passionate about but found ourselves stuck in jobs that stress us to the point of physical illness, working for companies that did not support us in any way. 

We had a vision for our lives and somewhere between society’s expectation of what we should be doing, what we should be spending our money on, and the insanely busy chaos of life, we lost our way.  2020 gave us a chance to reset.  We were forced to be still for most of this year and it allowed us to spend more time with our kids, to think about what we do and don’t love about our jobs, to detox from spending because we couldn’t go anywhere, and to daydream about the life we want when the world is out of crisis and steady in the new normal.  

Now that you’re clearer about what your priorities are, don’t lose momentum. 

2021 is the Year of Manifestation. We will work together to establish focused goals, create an actionable plan to achieve them, track and improve your finances, manage your hustle, and celebrate yourself.  Not only will you improve your finances but you will also overcome every mental hurdle that might make you doubt your ability to achieve greatness. Enter into this new year feeling love and unconditional support as we take consistent action to manifest your growth. 

So dream big.  Let’s work together and use the clarity of 2020 to create a vision for your life so clear and so beautiful that you can’t wait to start each day.