5 Reasons Wal*Mart is the Devil

There is no faster way to tempt me into setting my savings on fire than dropping me inside a Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart is the devil in the same way that a pan of homemade brownies is the devil.  It’s really a love hate thing.  I need to put it down, perhaps just eat one, but they taste soooo good.  Wal-Mart has that effect.

I go in with every intention to come out with just food, but inside of Wal-Mart is a nail salon, hair salon, bank, Burger King, oil change & tire center, plant nursery, tax preparation office, grocery store, electronics depots, apparel dept, & pharmacy.  There is almost no need/want that you can’t satisfy in that store.

The problem is…we didn’t come for that.  It’s hard to walk away from something you didn’t come for when it’s on sale.  It’s hard when you’ve been able to quickly talk yourself into believing you need it.  IT’S HARD!

The solution?

1) Stay the hell out of Wal-Mart

2)Have a plan

My plan for grocery shopping at Wal-Mart is