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If you could shave years off your struggle and stress would you?

Because I know you’re tired..

…of making good money but not knowing where it’s all going

…of dipping into your savings account and not making real progress

…of charging every emergency to your credit card because you’re paycheck to paycheck

…of feeling stressed during the holidays or when your kids want new things

…of having so much on your plate that you forget to pay bills on time and ruin your credit 

…of not feeling confident in the choices your making with your money each day

…of missing out on opportunities because you didn’t have the savings & credit needed to go for it

…of feeling embarrassed by your past money mistakes and too ashamed to ask for help

…0f wanting more for your life and your kids but feeling stuck

We know you want more than a paycheck to paycheck life. 
You want to live a life of significance.

But when we can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and we don’t know how we’ll get through something we get stressed.  The stress paralyzes us and makes us feel trapped in a never ending cycle. It’s the not knowing, the lack of clarity that causes stress and makes it hard to make any decision much less the best one.

But what if you could have a more perfect vision?
Less stress? Better clarity? Help along the way?

Would you invest in a breakthrough?

What our clients say

"Hard worker, goal oriented, helps get you on track financially in a practical way."

Katrina Jackson
Real Estate Agent, Bethlehem, PA

"Each session with Coach B is prefaced with very thought provoking questions, which leads to intense discussions around smart spending tips, money management, practical savings tools and basic budgeting. I loved it."

Robyn Germain
Woodbridge, VA

We partner with other businesses & organizations in the community

who desire to educate their tribe with financial skills that will create clarity, reduce stress, and open them up for growth & fierce action.


A year of perfect vision is about clarity.  Clarity allows us to understand where we are, where we need to go, the best path to get there, and how to overcome obstacles along the way.  This workshop gives attendees the opportunity to establish focused goals and create an actionable month-by-month plan to achieve them.  We don’t create New Year Resolutions.  We create plans.

During this workshop attendees will:

  • Create powerful visuals to inspire and retain motivation all year
  • Learn reflective (reverse) goal setting to break down big paralyzing goals into smaller actionable milestones.
  • Identify obstacles and brainstorm strategies to overcome them to avoid traps and rebound quickly.
  • Give yourself a raise so you can save for that BAG (Big Audacious Goal)

For women, the path to homeownership is a bit of an uphill battle.  Women have more student loan debt and get paid less than men in almost every position in every US state.  Those pay gaps make it harder for women to pay off debt, to save for a down payment, to improve their credit score and get a lower interest rate on a mortgage.  Still, studies show that women have prioritized the goal of homeownership, saving for a down payment, and improving their credit score over men. We want to be homeowners. PERIOD. Homeownership makes us feel rooted.  It is one of the most solid ways to transfer wealth to our children and quite frankly, we deserve those keys.

During this workshop attendees will learn:

  • 4 Reasons why it’s harder for women to buy homes
  • Steps you can take right now to improve their odds
  • The 2 spending plans needed before you say “yes to the address”
  • How to find your power team ( mortgage lenders, real estate agents, credit repair specialists, home inspectors, accountants, etc)
  • What one needs to know to stay in their new home and still find room to pursue their next goal

Just like adults, financial circumstances impact our kid’s stress level,  their involvement in academic activities, and their performance in class.  Financial hardship is the #1 reason students drop out of college.  Those who attend often leave with staggering debt with no plan to repay it.  On top of that, they leave with all the skills needed to get a job and a paycheck but none of the skills needed to manage that new income.  This class aims to teach teens and young adults the things we wish someone told us about money.   We promise this workshop won’t be boring.  We aim to provide edutainment.  A workshop that is informative, interactive, and entertaining.

During this workshop attendees will learn:

  • Why standard budgets don’t work & how to build a spending plan that does
  • Why credit matters and how to beat the credit card traps waiting for them
  • How to automate savings so that they always pay themselves first
  • Banking and how interest works
  • Easy ways to get started in investing
  • Why a debt free degree should always be the goal
  • How to stay LinkenIn to relationships that can help their career
  • What goes into living on your own

After spending over a decade as a financial advisor for multiple colleges I have seen first hand how we struggle to finance our education.  Our parents aren’t usually in position to save for college, we don’t know how to seek scholarships and grants, we don’t get much help from schools on how to maximize our opportunities, and we don’t know what we can be doing as early as 9th grade to secure the financial aid bag.  As a result, we compromise.  We settle for our career.  We settle for the school we enroll in. Or we settle for debt we may never be able to dig ourselves out of.  It requires work, but it’s possible to obtain a debt free degree.  

During this workshop your children will learn:

  • Different types of financial aid (loans, scholarships, grants, work study)
  • How to complete the FAFSA correctly
  • What not to leave off the resume you’re building for college
  • The power of letters of recommendation
  • Way to pay off student loans early

The way most budgets are set up is trash.  You know it. You’ve seen it before.  Income – Expenses = Spending Money…if you’re lucky.  It’s a snapshot of how you HOPE your month will go but it only shows you an “ideal” month.  It doesn’t allow you to see how a decision you make today will impact you 5 months from now.  It’s not flexible enough to account for the rollercoaster flow of money.  It doesn’t help you adjust for unexpected expenses.  Everything we do is about creating clarity and a more perfect vision around your money.  This workshop will teach you how to use your new spending plan to see your wins, to find ways to say YES to your wants, and to avoid surprises that will derail the progress you’re making on your goals.

During this workshop your children will learn:

  • Top 3 Money challenges we see people face
  • Why we can’t see our money clearly
  • Why standard budgets don’t work 
  • Which financial growth path is right for your personality
  • How to organize expenses so the flow of your money is more visible
  • How to build a spending plan that work
  • Why C.R.E.A.M. Cash STILL Rules Everything Around Me
  • Online banking tools and mobile systems to help support this strategy
  • The fasted was to take action

Teachers have one of the toughest jobs in the world.  The Covid-19 quarantine reminded most parents how tough it is to manage the range personalities and academic strengths and weaknesses of our kids.  Let’s be honest, we wanted to give them back 1 week into it and we were only juggling maybe a few of them.  Teachers are juggling 15-30 of them for a good chunk of the day.  So do they deserve that 2 month summer break?  Absolutely.  But most teachers end up picking up a summer job to fill the paycheck gap.  Teachers have a unique set of financial challenges, they are underpaid, have limited school supplies, and children in need.  Teachers are constantly giving of themselves even if it burdens them financially.  I don’t aim to convince teachers to stop giving.  You don’t have to choose between investing in your kids and investing in your goals. Let’s chat about it.

During this workshop your educators will learn:

  • How to survive the summer paycheck gap
  • Why the typical budget doesn’t work and a better way to set it up
  • How to give to your students without sabotaging your financial goals
  • The educator perks you deserve and have been leaving behind
  • Why what you are teaching your kids about being a lifelong learner is also the key to your own financial growth


What financial life stage are you in?  All people land on 1 of 6 stages.  John Maxwell introduced the idea of Survival to Significance or the 5 S’s and we expanded on it with a 6th stage so that no one is left out. We use our grapefruit tree to illustrate the pyramid of financial growth. Most people find themselves in survival mode trying desperately to reach stability and maybe even success.  This is a powerful exercise in self awareness to help attendees understand where they are in their financial journey and what resources and skills they need to level up.

Women have big goals for themselves.  I know they do.  It will require a lot from them at times.  It will require them to push past doubt, and fear, and guilt, and laziness, and comfort, and embarrassment and failure and pride and negative self talk and all the things that stop them from trying.  It will require them to put themselves first and believe they deserve their dreams. It will require them to show up for themselves and have the audacity to dream fiercely.  Let’s talk about how.

Women wear so many hats.  We are employees, business owners, nurses to our kids, the family accountant, the chef, the teacher, the mediator, the wife, the maid, sometimes we are even students ourselves.  We can barely make time for ourselves so it can be challenging to carve out time to manage our money.  During this event we will explore the 4 things women need to simplify our life and our money.

Looking for a workshop where you can dive deep and leave with actionable strategies?  

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