with this guide to get a MONTH AHEAD on your bills and have the confidence of a rich auntie that has all of her bills on autopay.


    Remove the Stress of Paying Bills

    Say goodbye to the monthly stress of figuring out how to pay all those pesky bills with a solid money management plan in place.

    Eliminate the Fear of Messing Up

    With the right financial know-how under your belt, you can kiss those fears of screwing up your money situation goodbye.

    Create More Payday Peace and Confidence

    Rich Auntie’s secret to more payday peace? She’s always a month ahead on her bills, so she can kick back and relax when that paycheck hits.


    Looking at your bills doesn't have to trigger anxiety.

    It could trigger joy pride, and peace.

      About Coach Bee

      I’m not going to bore you with all my “look at me, I’m so smart” resume talk. Here’s what you need to know:

      I had a rollercoaster relationship with money too. I worked in the financial industry for over 15 years, and until a late ADHD diagnosis in 2020, I didn’t understand how I could be so good with money and yet so bad. ADHD symptoms will always make managing finances harder. I wanted to make it easier, so I became an accredited financial counselor and started studying finances and the brain more intensely. I discovered that the majority of budgeting tips and tools available don’t even consider our unique needs. 

      Frustrated by the lack of ADHD-friendly financial advice, I started creating tools and strategies tailored to support our beautiful, creative, neurodivergent minds. We are smart and capable women who deserve more to show for our hard work. My mission is to give an overlooked community, the (4X) exceptional (Gifted + Black + Woman + ADHD), a chance to become rich aunties and shift from feeling financially frustrated to financially unf*ckwitable.

      If you’ve been struggling with money and the math hasn’t been math-ing, consider that maybe it’s not the math.  Maybe it’s ADHD. I’m Betty “Bee” Lewis, ADHD Money Coach, fellow B(ADHD)IE, and I want to be your new budget bestie.

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