Love Yourself By Knowing Your Why

Photo by Orione Conceição from Pexels

From the time we are young, we are taught what we can be in this world. If we’re lucky, we have parents who tell us we can be anything we want and achieve all of our dreams if we work hard enough. If we’re not so lucky, we get told that there are limits to our greatness and levels we can attain.

I’ve been telling my daughter since birth that she had value and purpose. I’ve also taught her to always love herself and the life that she decides to have. She shows me just how much that message has resonated with each new business she creates and how she talks about her future.  

The Power Of Knowing Your Why

Often, we get to adulthood, and either we never heard these positive messages in the first place, or we forgot them along the way. One of the first steps I took to realign myself, and that YRR helps all our clients is “Knowing Your Why.” Why do you want to get up every morning? Why do you want to get out of debt? Why have you not put yourself first before, and what can you do to change that now? Then ask yourself why “that why” matters 2 more times. I find that your first “why” isn’t deep enough. It’s on the surface of the thing that is really motivating you.  

Once you ask these questions and work on “Knowing Your Why” you can define your real purpose in life. And it’s this clear purpose that keeps you motivated on days where you feel knocked down or that you’ll never achieve your goals. When you remember your WHY, you feel joy in everything you have already accomplished. Each completed step in pursuit of your dreams becomes a reason for celebration. 

If all of that hasn’t convinced you of how powerful “Knowing Your Why” is, I have a great video on my YouTube channel that goes into even more detail.

Love Yourself Enough To Know Your Why

If you aren’t sure how to figure out your WHY, that’s where personal coaching can come in. Personal coaching of any kind is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself. Knowing Your Why is definitely something we talk about in the YRR breakthrough strategy session. Yet, it would be beneficial to explore even with a non-financial coach or therapist.

February is the month we should be reflecting on self-love as much as loving others, so I want you to really internalize this message today. Start asking yourself what makes you happy and what you want for yourself. Do the work to find your real purpose, “Know Your Why” so that you can achieve everything you have dreamed of. Remember, you deserve to invest in YOU as much as you invest in others. You deserve to be in love with your own life. You are Young, Rich, and Rooted.