Lobster appetite, Top Ramen budget?

If you’re a foodie like me, you crave the most creative meals you can dream up.  Those special ingredients can often turn your budget into a mush.  I took a poll recently to determine which area of their budget most people feel they go over in and overwhelmingly the answer was GROCERIES. We literally need food to live and so there is no cutting this category out of the budget so we’d might as well get ahead of it.

I shared 10 tips on my LIVE Facebook feed this week (shameless plug) and I realized afterwards that there is so much more that simply can’t all fit in a 15 minute video.  So, for the rest of February I will be expanding on the quick tips I give in my weekly videos so that you have the most value.

This week we talked about Meal Prep so let’s jump right in to the…


  1. Pick your day to Meal Prep
  2. Pick your day to Shop
  3. Only and I do me ONLY shop once a week
  4. Keep a running list of the staple items that are running out
  5. Look at your schedule to plan whether you meal can complex or needs to be simple
  6. Take INVENTORY (this is important)
  7. Save your recipes by your staple meat categories
  8. Get input from your family
  9. Scan the house for low household products
  10. Transfer final list to your planner or snap a picture

Now I’ll expound upon that in a few but I wanted to readdress this lobster appetite.  Keeping staple items in your house and meal prepping doesn’t mean your food has to be boring nor does it mean you can’t be spontaneous.  It just means it will be twice a satisfying because it will also be in budget.