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Wealth Tool of the Month


Knowledge isn’t enough, wisdom shows you how, when, where, and what to apply that knowledge to attract abundance. Wisdom comes from within, mentorship, and a higher power.

Entrepreneur Tool of the Month

Acuity Scheduling

I researched several scheduling softwares before choosing acuity, and I am so glad I did.  If you have a service based business it is incredibly helpful to have a tool where clients can schedule their own appointments without the back and forth of finding time..  This tool allows you to collect payment at booking, set up gift certification and packages, and allows the client to cancel and reschedule appointments on their own.  It also integrates nicely with a ton of other apps.

Book of the Month

6 Months to Six Figures

Author | Peter Voogd

It is rare that I read a book more than once, but I have read this book every year for the last 4 years.  It’s one of those books that are so full of nuggets that you can’t catch it all the first time around and even if you did, you still don’t mind a yearly reminder just in case you fell off in some places.  So every time I  read it I take away something different.  My take on this book is that it’s not telling you how to literally get 6 figures in 6 months.  It’s more a book on how to develop a 6 figure mindset in 6 months.  Still, I imagine that if you master the skills he shares with you, it is very possible for you to be a 6 figure earner in 6 months.

Mentor of the Month

Eric Thomas

Author | Motivational Speaker | Minister

You know those days when you need to hear that Rocky Balboa style fight music to push yourself?  When it’s hard and you need someone in your ear cheering you on and pushing you do just one more set?  That’s Eric Thomas.  On the days where I need a pep talk and a kick in my ass to get going I play his podcast or Youtube videos.  I normally hate walking but when he’s in my ear I find myself running down the street at full speed.  I feel invisible and ready for my workday by the time I sit at my computer.  I promise you won’t regret following him