We know there is no one size fits all approach to approach to financial growth

That is why a million books and podcast and workshops about money have never worked for most people.  It’s too broad. It doesn’t address our dreams. It doesn’t understand our fears.  

A personal understanding of your unique situation is needed for real clarity.  And clarity is needed to understand the best way to apply the skills you’re learning to the life you’re envisioning for yourself.  That’s why coaching is so impactful. It’s personal.

Our Breakthrough Strategy session is about more than budgeting.  It’s about creating a spending plan that is in alignment with the lifestyle and dreams you have for yourself.  We know that most people have tried budgets and for most people, budgets don’t work. That’s because of three reasons:  

  • They don’t allow you to plan beyond one month.  
  • They aren’t tied to a vision.  
  • You can’t see your wins.  

That is why we call our budget a spending plan.  We want to teach you how to create a plan around your money that makes it easy to see when you’re going off track, easy to course correct, easy to see the progress you’re making towards your big goals, and easy to see those quick wins that keep you motivated.  Like me, you’ll not only make time for this spreadsheet, you’ll be obsessed with it.

But first…

We need to figure out where you are now.  The Breakthrough Strategy Session is a 2-hour video call where we dig deep and look at your income and expenses to help give you clarity and figure out where your money is going.  Our goal is to make sure every client walks away with clarity on what’s happening with their money and a clear strategy on what shifts need to be made to get on the road to financial fierceness.

When you book this one intense session you can expect…

We start by removing one of the biggest myths we believe about money and clarifying the real reason most people struggle with managing their money.  This clarity dramatically reduces shame that keeps us from asking for help when we need it.

Finally figure out where your money is going and where your leaks are.  You’ll have a reworked income and expense sheet that you can use to implement the budget technique we recommend.  You’ll learn our process for handling specific expenses so you’re not tempted to derail your plan.

No more guessing on whether you can afford an adventure or an emergency like a flat tire.  Our system will help you plan for the unexpected and your milestones like home ownership.

This is your line by line action list that gives you specific things we want you to try to do to reduce the cost, increase your income, decrease debt, or eliminate an expense.

This session will reveal a lot…

And some people can take this session and hit the ground running.   But most people are fed up with doing things the same way. They are fed up with doing it alone and want the extra support.  Sometimes all you need is someone to help you put yourself first by creating routine sessions to address your goals. After our session, If that’s you, we will give you the Opportunity for Continued Support.

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John Doe

Clarity. Simplicity. Structure. Support.

What’s the Investment?  What will you need?

  • Time – 2+ hours for the initial session + time to complete prep work and implement post session strategy
  • Money – $394 for individuals & couples 
  • Commitment – showing up committed to creating choices for yourself by being open to new things and being unapologetic about carving out the time and money you need to grow
  • Optimism – confidence that there is no obstacle you can’t overcome

Are you worth the investment?

Of all the things you can spend your money on, the most important investment is yourself.   And you are worth it!  If you know you’re worth it and you’re ready to do the work then boss up and and commit.