Money is a Tool, Not a Goal

Money is a tool that can help you create a life you’ve been fiercely dreaming about.  Creating a vision around your money teaches you how to change your behaviors and acquire the skills to use money as a tool and not the goal.

Your Home

Invest In a Home That Serves You

Your home should serve you spiritually and financially. Create a space you don’t need a vacation from. Invest in an asset that brings money into your home and not away.


Giving is Investing In The Future

Success can last a lifetime; but significance can last several lifetimes.  Leave a legacy by planting seeds (time, money, wisdom, and energy) from your fruit bearing tree  so that it can feed your tribe while you’re here and long after you’re gone.


Cultivate Quality Relationships

The greatest predictor of your success or failure is who you surround yourself with and what you listen to. Build a positive relationship with yourself and the right people.


Create Your Own Opportunities

Luck is when opportunity meets preparation plus action. The power to activate all 3 elements are within you.


Seek Wisdom and Find Wealth

Knowledge isn’t enough, wisdom shows you how, when, where, and what to apply that knowledge to attract abundance. Wisdom comes from within, mentorship, and a higher power.


Time is Worth More Than Money

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” In the end, how we spent our time will mean more to us than how we spent our money.


You Are Your Most Valuable Asset

Money is useless without your mind and body. Strengthen and protect the only vessel you get to live and create wealth with.