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especially if you’re a working mom. You need quick and simple solutions to money management. We provide down to earth earth 1 on 1 guidance, coaching, webinars, and tools to help motivate you & your family towards financial success. Our techniques are quick, simple, and actionable. They make my life easier and I’m willing to bet they’ll make your life easier too.


First, I want you to know that it’s not your fault if you didn’t wake up knowing how to manage your money.  There was no class for us in school, our parents didn’t know enough, and honestly, the way most budgets are set up is trash.  

You know it. You’ve seen it before.  Income – Expenses = Spending Money.  It’s a snapshot of how you HOPE your month will go but it only shows you an “ideal” month.  It doesn’t allow you to see how a decision you make today will impact you 3 months from now.  It’s not flexible enough to account for the rollercoaster flow of money.  It doesn’t help you adjust for unexpected expenses.  I’d be willing to bet that the system we use isn’t like any budget you’ve ever seen.  And that’s what makes what we teach our clients so powerful.  We use a system that actually works.  We are certified financial coach academy graduates and we’ve adapted their forecasting budgeting method to help you see the future.  

Everything we do is about creating clarity and a more perfect vision around your money.  

We know the more clear things are, the easier it is to take action.

So what are you waiting for?

My story is probably a lot like yours.  I was feeling fierce in many areas in my life but my bank balance didn’t always reflect that.  I was a compassionate and giving person who was always wanting to help my friends and family, often giving my last, and feeling frustrated that I couldn’t show up even more for them.  I had a good career with a decent salary and I felt like I should have more to show for it.  I felt like I was only paying bills.  I was grateful to be able to pay my bills on time most days but inside I knew there was more to life.

I felt trapped in a paycheck to paycheck cycle and I knew I wasn’t alone.

I am living proof that it is never too late to become masters of your money instead of being slaves to it.

Like most mothers, I was too busy.  I was working, schooling, housekeeping, mothering and I didn’t have any time for myself, so I certainly didn’t have time to mind my money.  I always knew managing my money was important.  I’d been working in the finance industry since I was 19 years old so,

I had the KNOWLEDGE but, I wasn’t always consistent.  

I thought I could keep up with my budget in my head because …“ain’t nobody got time for that spreadsheet.”   But I would forget one or two small transactions and here comes another $15 overdraft protection charge.  Listen…nothing hurts more than paying a $35 bank fee for a $1 Sweet Tea.

So what was I doing?  Why wasn’t I giving myself permission to make time to figure out what I needed to do to be successful?  Why didn’t I feel like I deserved to invest the time, money, and consistency it would take to bring my vision to life?  I was worth it. Wasn’t I?


That’s a question I struggled with most of my life.  Was I worth it?  I had a misguided belief that spending time and money on myself was selfish. I didn’t realize that the money and time I spent on improving myself would be the best gift I could give to my family because I would be more whole, less stressed, and more stable financially.  It took me years to understand the value of coaching.

I had dreams bubbling up inside me.  Every time I’d make a step towards them, it seemed like something would happen and I am two steps back.  I was stuck in a cycle. I was exhausted.  I was “superwoman” but I was quietly overwhelmed.  I knew I was going to have a meltdown if something didn’t change soon. 

The wakeup call was in 2008.  My daughter’s father left us and moved out of state and I was left to figure out how to pay the bills alone.  I hadn’t budgeted for this.  Not even in my head.  I was homeless. 

 I had a full time job, a 401K, and benefits but I was pregnant and homeless.


I was so desperate to not bring my daughter into this world homeless that I begged him to come back.  He would end up leaving again when she was just 7 months old.  I couldn’t do it anymore.  I wouldn’t put my financial stability in anyone’s hands again.  I owed it to myself, to my daughter, to my future to make time for MY GROWTH.  I moved into a transitional shelter with my 9-month-old baby girl and began the shift.  I began to realign my financial habits with my values. I started taking financial literacy classes, homeownership classes, reading books, and any other class I could find. I started paying attention to my spending habits and the things that really helped me stay on track.  

I stopped trying to do it all myself and started asking for help.

As my daughter grew older I began teaching her about money.  I wanted to include her early so that she would have great habits from the start.  

I imagined for my daughter the things I wanted for myself.


I imagined…

  • Not having anxiety when I swiped my card for groceries
  • Not being stressed when my car needed repairs
  • Not having to fight about money in my relationship
  • Not feeling stuck in a job because I can’t afford to quit
  • Not feeling jealous when my friends traveled because I had a financial plan that included my travel dreams
  • Not cringing every time an unknown number popped up on my phone because of a past due bill

And more importantly

  • Feeling proud of the choices I made with my money
  • Getting excited when I logged into my credit score app
  • Feeling confident when I look at my bank account
  • Having peace when I updated my budget
  • Having joy knowing my kids have options and were inheriting greatness instead of debt
  • Feeling fierce when I thought about my future

For her to succeed she needed to know that asking for help isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign of wisdom.


I was busy and that’s exactly why I needed help.  Busy women need be to have clarity so they can make quick decisions, they simplicity to save them time, they need structure so they know what to expect, and they need support because nobody does this thing called life alone.   All the financial knowledge I had was great but what I was missing in those days was


The primary reason I didn’t stick to a budget was because I didn’t have time for complicated steps.  I didn’t have time to write down every transaction in my ledger at the grocery store. I NEEDED SOMETHING SIMPLE.  A system simple enough that I would actually use it.  I needed clarity on how my short term decisions would impact my long term goals, so I  could see my wins and stay excited.  Most importantly, I need support. 

The scheduled coaching sessions forced me to make time for myself.  And that hour of focused financial planning saved me hours of stress all week long.

So are you ready to reclaim your time?

This Mother / Daughter team loves finding fun and creative ways to reach financial goals.  We believe that everyone in the household needs to be personally committed to the health of the family’s finances.  We believe that strong and financially literate kids become strong and financially exceptional adults.  While you are mapping out your blueprint with Coach Bee, kids are having fun learning and saving with Jordyn.

Betty “Coach Bee” Lewis has been in the financial field for over 15 years.  She has learned from the school of life & has a formal education in finance.  She is certified credit repair specialist and a certified financial coach.  While she values what she learned in college, she believes the school of life has taught her more about money than any classroom ever could. Through life lessons, she has discovered that financial success is only about 20% book knowledge and the other 80% is behavior.  She is a budget beast who is passionate about helping her clients change their behaviors and mindset about money.  She knows sisters have been overlooked and wants to help us build a NETworth through homeownership.  Her journey from homelessness to homeowner has her hell bent on seeing women with keys.

Jordyn has been actively budgeting and saving since she was 4 years old. With her mom’s help she used money management to increase her math skills and the balances of several bank accounts. She is also a published author of the children’s book series “JORDYN DISCOVERS.” Like any other kid, she loves YouTube. She enjoys showing kids how to earn money, set goals, and save for big and little things on her channel. She’s a giver (yes, she budgets for that) and she knows how to get bonus money out of her mom using her “Mommy 401K” plan. She believes you should always help your mom around the house but you should practice asking for a raise by negotiating for an allowance. Jordyn invites your kids to join her in discovering how to use the gifts they are born with to become richer.

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