Finding Sisterhood and Clarity of Purpose at the 2021 Perfect Vision Retreat

With a new weekend upon us, now is the time for a recap of the amazingness that was last weekend’s Perfect Vision Retreat. It was so beautiful to see everyone come together and give themselves permission to laugh, let go, and have some REAL conversations. Words cannot begin to explain the level of sisterhood and connection that occurred over these 72 hours and how much it meant to me to spend time with this tribe of incredible women. 

Welcome Photo @ Perfect Vision Retreat January 2021
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Welcome Night

Our first night started with a round of introductions and sharing our intentions for the retreat, then gathering around the fire to “burn” the things we wanted to let go of. We followed this up with some enthusiastic wine down karaoke.

For the rest of the weekend, the activities focused on strengthening the body, clearing the mind, and focusing on your vision to create the future you deserve. For that, I need to take this time to shout out the facilitators that made this retreat so special and provided some amazing sessions.


Bonney of The Day Program Drumming Artz Yoga was nothing but the personification of peace and love wrapped in positivity. She reminded all of us that it was okay to relax and release. Bonney taught at a level easy for anyone to follow, and everyone left the session glowing. During the closing meditation, she even reincorporated the purpose of the retreat, to come away with clarity of vision.

Sound Therapy

Megan Jenifer-Harris of Heal With Megan provided sound therapy at the event. For those who aren’t familiar with this particular type of sound therapy, she uses sound vibrations from tuning forks to interact with different frequencies in the body to rebalance the body’s energy. Megan was such a kind and caring person with the real intention of providing healing. This was a deep-rooted experience that started by Megan asking our ancestors for permission to speak on our behalf while she did her work.

Massage Therapy

It wouldn’t be a retreat without massages, and MerySerket Anitefbut of Windows of Wellness gave the most wonderful chair massages to all our attendees. This wasn’t your regular chair massage, but also a spiritual experience. As a spiritual healer, MerySerket paid close attention to both body and spirit while she massaged the stress away. I know she spoke powerfully to my own energy and told me that I needed to remember to breathe, which I often forget to do. 

Wine Tasting

The wine tasting hosted by my real-life sister, Vanessa Lewis of Epic Vacations & Business Travel, was one of the best parts of the weekend. We had a blind tasting and ended up laughing hysterically over some of the bottle names we made up. Imagining the best places to drink all the wines made us all wish Covid was over already so we could hop on a plane TODAY. The new favorites we found will just have to do for now.


I need to give an extra deep thanks to Candace Alexander of Intense Fiyaaaaa Fitness. Her energy, enthusiasm, and kindness of spirit helped truly pull this event together. Not only did she recommend Bonney, our yoga instructor, and MerySerket, our massage therapist, but she even catered all of the food for the weekend, which was AMAZING. This weekend would not have been the success it was without her.

Vision Bank Party

The closing event of the retreat was our annual Vision Bank® party. We used daily growth sessions to get clear on what we want, why we want it, and the strategy and people we need in our lives to accomplish it. Then we took all the support and encouragement from the entire weekend, and channeled that into a physical representation of what we want to manifest for the year.

Vision Bank Party @ Perfect Vision Retreat January 2021

Thanks To You!

Thank you again to everyone who attended this inaugural retreat, and to the full Young Rich and Rooted support team, including our very own Jordyn Taylor of Born Rich TV who gets all the photo credit. I also want to thank Inner-Outer Beauty Coach, Ebony Capri and Total Life Changer consultant, Yvonne Young-Hale who donated to our gift bags, Kim Williams who functioned as our virtual coordinator, and Amirah Williams of Joi Creations who was gracious enough to be our runner and videographer.

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

This was the inspirational quote pulled from my 2021 Jump Start planner and used in the 1st episode of the Real Life of a Mom Boss podcast that I co-host with Zyykirrah Casado and Trina Jackson. It was ironic that this inaugural episode aired the day before the retreat because I had an opportunity to see that quote play out in real life.

Between Covid and a few other setbacks, this event almost didn’t happen. However, all of your unwavering support reconfirmed that when you are intentional in your purpose, refuse to give up, and surround yourself with the right people, you can make anything happen. You can manifest whatever you want, which ties perfectly into the theme of this year. The full impact of this retreat evolved from simple goal setting and strategizing, to genuinely creating bonds. We were able to give ourselves full permission to rest, relax, and recharge. There were so many insightful conversations on topics ranging from family, politics, social injustice, and more. Everyone came ready to receive and shared in all the ways they knew how, even if it was just with their positivity and flexibility.

With nothing but positive feedback from the tribe, I’m pleased to say we will definitely have another Perfect Vision retreat for 2022. Mark your calendars now for January 21 – 23rd and look forward to another amazing weekend with some rebellious visionaries!