Join my Free 7-Day No Spend Challenge

In the 7-Day No Spend Challenge we’ll explore various strategies and techniques to help you take control of your spending habits and achieve your financial goals.  You can do this challenge by yourself but it’s more fun if you bring a friend.  After you enroll, invite your bestie.

Hey Girl Hey!


But maybe it feels challenging to trust that your Big Audacious Goals (bag) can happen for you when you’re feeling stuck.

Figuring out how you can pay all of your bills, get out of debt, and still find room to save for things you want (like your first home or vacation) can be overwhelming.  

Add the fact that we weren’t taught how to manage money in school makes creating an effective budget feels impossible.

And you’ve tried.

Let’s not forget to mention that society is constantly telling us that there is only one path to success, one way to earn income, and one way to live. So if we don’t take that path, we feel like a failure.

I’m here to tell you a secret.  You can have whatever you want and live life the way you want, if you have choices.  And we want to help you create some.

At Young Rich & Rooted we provide the tools, knowledge, industry secrets, and support that will help increase the confidence you have in your ability to make fierce financial choices and bring every vision to life.

Vision provides motivation.  Seeing yourself capable of accomplishing your goal is powerful.  You need visual reminders of what it will look and feel like to reach your goals.  We will work with you step by step to help you clarify your vision and design a financial strategy to accomplish it. 

Use a system that supports you. It’s not enough to have a board full of pretty  goals.  You need to learn a new way of budgeting that helps you plan ahead for the “pop up” expenses that usually set you back and cause stress.  Also, get help organizing your finances with a  system  that  helps you find extra money to accelerate your goals..

Give yourself the choice. It’s ok to like your 9-5.  Actually, it’s ok to love it.  But you should have more options for creating income so that if one day you don’t, you are financially prepared to exercise your choice to do something different.  We  want to help you rebel a little and shift your mindset by exposing you to the unusual ways you can create income.

Build your financial power team. Having the right community with accountability appointments built in increases your chance of success by 95%. Amazing right?  So, stop suffering in silence and connect with our sisterhood of visionaries like yourself, our financial coach, and our network of industry experts who can help you create opportunities using hidden resources.

I worked with a group of different financial people this year in changing my Money mindset and you were apart of it with the Jump Start Penny Challenge!! For that I say thank you!! Definitely developing a new appreciation for saving and starting at my current level. But the keyword I got from you is just starting!!"

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Tanesha Halstead
Owner, Virtually Centered Solutions

I love the penny challenge and the amazing tips Betty gives to help us feel Young Rich & Rooted.

Zyykirah Casado
Owner, Health is Sexy TV Show,Raleigh, NC

Before my session I had no clear vision on how I was truly spending my money.  Now I feel confident that better days are ahead for me and my family.  What I love about this program is not only did I receive knowledge on finances, but also encouragement.  It's a financial community that I would recommend to anyone who has reached their breaking point with their finances.

Shaina Davis
Owner, SoShai, East Orange, NJ

After my breakthrough strategy session with Coach Bee, me and my husband realized that we could work more effectively as a team.  Everything she told us was understandable and put our spending patterns in perspective.

Markita & Ryan
Hampton, VA

I am so happy that I decided to make this change for myself an invested in my future. Bee has a true gift In this area. I feel a relief an not as nervous about this change. I have the tools to be better an feel confident in what she is teaching me about my finances. I feel like I am fully equipped an not going to war with an unloaded gun. I am ready to learn an receive all that she has to offer.

Ebony Williams
Stylist, Phlebotomist, Maple Shade, NJ



Financial Coach

“When I was homeless, drowning in debt, struggling to pay my bills, and trapped in a job I didn’t love, I would’ve given anything for someone to help me shave years off my struggle, by teaching me more paths to wealth so I could be fearless with my goals.”   -Coach Bee

I’m Coach Bee. Mom, wine lover, dancer, househacking queen, visionary, professional rebel, author, and speaker who just happens to love helping women create wealth in unusual ways.  I used to believe that social norms and indicators of success, like going to college, buying a big house, getting a good job and grinding in it for 40+ years was the only ways to experience success.  I was wrong. I discovered that we have more paths to wealth and happiness than society wants you to believe and if you’re willing to be a rebel, mix shit up, and do things differently, then you can have whatever you want.

Financial coaching is about more than numbers.  It’s about attitude.

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Join my Free 7-Day No Spend Challenge

In the 7-Day No Spend Challenge we’ll explore various strategies and techniques to help you take control of your spending habits and achieve your financial goals.  You can do this challenge by yourself but it’s more fun if you bring a friend.  After you enroll, invite your bestie.