"Count Yo' Coins" 365 Savings Challenge

Join the saving wave.  Take the challenge to save over the next 365 days with some of the fiercest sisters this side of heaven.  Subscribe now for your FREE challenge chart.

C.R.E.A.M. Cash Budget Challenge

Remember when Wu-Tang Clan said "Cash Rules Everything Around Me?" They were right! For 30 days stash your debit/credit cards and take the challenge to change this ONE habit that will change your bank balance forever! Watch this video guide for instructions.

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"Level Up" 1 on 1 consultation

"There ARE levels to this" financial makeover.  Before you "Level Up" schedule your free 1 on 1 "Breakthrough" consultation to see where you are and get you started on the right track.  Nobody builds a house from the roof down or without a blueprint.

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I am Bee.  The YOUNG, RICH, & ROOTED financial educator, motivator, speaker, momma to future CEO, Jordyn Simone, and out here slaying budgets on the reg.

I live for helping the fiercest mommies realign their financial habits so they are in line with their true values.

Connect with me, challenge yourself to get in tune with your STAR PLAYER and get your money right so that your NETworth can match your amazing SELFworth.



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Most of our financial habits are developed subconsciously.  They are learned anywhere from watching our parents handle money to television and music.  Take this quick 20 Question self assessment to see what your relationship with money is like.